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Tree Hotel
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Tel: +46 (0)928-104 03

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Tree Hotel

Lapland, Sweden

Natural style

Sleep in style and comfort in a specially designed cabin high in the trees. Great design & style, environmental awareness and raw nature are all things that Sweden is well known for besides ABBA, IKEA and Volvo. The Tree Hotel manages to successfully marry all these elements into truly unique accommodation. Throw in warm and genuine hospitality and an impressive array of year-round activities from snowmobiling to taking in the northern lights and you have a once in a lifetime holiday!


The Tree Hotel is located in the sleepy village of Harads (population 300+) in the forested interior of Swedish Lapland, just a little over an hour drive northwest from the coastal city of Luleå. The central location in Lapland makes it the perfect place from which to explore all that the region has to offer. For example, the majesty of the Storforsen rapids (one of the largest in Europe), the picturesque Luleå archipelago, the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Gammelstad and the town of Jokkmokk (a great place to experience Sami culture- either at the Ájtte museum or at the annual winter market) are all within an hour and a half drive from Harads. The Tree Hotel is just south of the Arctic Circle, which means that you can either witness the midnight sun in the summer or the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in the winter while visiting the hotel.

For those of you looking to do much more in Lapland than visit the Tree Hotel, then we have added some additional information here about the region, what to do plus some suggested accommodation linked to The Tree Hotel.

The region is located in the far north of Sweden, between Finland and Norway. It stretches from the more populated coastal areas, with spectacular archipelago, through the inland belt, with vast tracts of pristine forests, to the alpine mountains bordering Norway. Exploring and experiencing Swedish Lapland is made easier with a selection of accommodations, each offering a plethora of unique and exciting activities, from the sedate to the adventurous.

In the coastal region there is the beach front Pine Bay Lodge (Furufjärden) and the quaint Jopikgården on picturesque Hinders Island, one of over 1,300 islands in the Luleå archipelago. They both offer snowmobile tours over the pack ice of the Gulf of Bothnia or through the coastal forests, snowshoe walks under the Northern Lights, dog sledding and ice fishing. Moving inland you find more great accommodations including the Tree Hotel (part of the Further Afield portfolio). Another one is Sörbyn Lodge and Cabins, a winter playground offering snowshoe walks, cross country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobile tours, moose safaris and visits with a Sami family. Their restaurant, famous for its creative use of local produce, attracts people from around the region. Nearby you will find Isdimma Husky Adventures, the premiere dog sledding company in Swedish Lapland. You can even enjoy alpine sports, like skiing and snowboarding, at nearby Storklinten Winter Resort.

While winter is a fantastic time to visit Swedish Lapland, especially in March when the nights aren't as long and the temperatures are more comfortable, summer also offers many spectacular opportunities for visitors. Experience the fabled midnight sun and have fun fishing, hiking, horseback riding or white water rafting. In the archipelago you can take a boat tour, sail or go kayaking. The immense forests of Lapland are filled with all types of interesting wildlife like moose, reindeer, bears, wolverines, lynx and beavers as well as rich bird life. Or get a dose of exotic culture by discovering the Sami people, indigenous to Lapland. They have a rich culture and some still make their living through semi nomadic reindeer herding.

About The Owners

Kent and Britta Lindvall are the owners of both the Tree Hotel and Britta's Guesthouse and they truly embody the warm, down to earth hospitality of northern Sweden. They started their careers in education and nursing (respectively) before both moving on to provincial development. In 2004 they opened Britta's Guesthouse while Kent guided fly fishing expeditions around the world (something he still does!). It was on one of these expeditions, while leading a group of top Scandinavian architects that the working idea for the Tree Hotel was born. In 2010 they welcomed the first guests to the Tree Hotel. Today, Britta runs the day to day aspects of the Guesthouse and Tree Hotel and Kent works on the hotel's marketing as well as the adventure activities.

  • It is a bit odd, considering how much the hotel itself has to offer, that one of the things we liked the most were the owners themselves. Such a genuine sense of hospitality! Interesting to talk to and quick to help, Britta and Kent make sure you get the most out of your Lapland experience.
  • We loved the contrast of the ultra modern design of the Tree Hotel with the "stepping back in time" feel of Britta's Guesthouse, lovingly maintained in the style of the 1950's- complete with framed local newspaper articles from the era. It all adds up to a combination of staying in someone's home while living within the pages of a posh travel magazine.
  • Another contrast to the modern design, comfort and functionality is the sense that you are still roughing it, camping-style. While each room has its own toilet, the showers are either located in the Guesthouse or the nearby Tree Sauna. Free WiFi keeps you connected, but no TVs makes sure you enjoy the surrounding nature to its fullest. To be blunt, how can you truly commune with nature while watching reruns of "The Bachelor"?
  • Each room is completely different from the next, both the interior and exterior. This comes about from the fact that each room has its own architect who was asked to design a room that was unique, functional and worked well with the surrounding forest. So whether you stay in the aptly named Bird's Nest, the sleek and streamlined Cabin, the retro UFO, the futuristic Mirror Cube or the technicolor Blue Cone (actually a red pyramid?), you are guaranteed a different experience than your neighbour.
  • Eco-friendliness... taken to the next level! Kent & Britta's goal is to get you as close to nature with the least amount of environmental impact. They do this through their choice of materials, construction techniques, use of green hydro-electrical power and eco-friendly products. No trees were damaged or cut down in the area when the hotel was built. The tree rooms themselves have no sewage system... instead, each room has an odorless combustion toilet where the refuse is incinerated at 600 degrees Celsius.
  • We love that the hotel offered so many activities! From the adventurous dog-sledding tour to the more sedate afternoon of ice-fishing, there is something for everyone... whatever your age or skill level.
  • The Quiet! Did we mention that you are suspended in a tree, in the middle of a forest with no TV? We loved relaxing with a good book after a tour on a snowmobile, now and then looking out the window over the snow covered trees of the Luleå River valley while waiting for cocktail hour to arrive. Serenity!
  • The Nature! Trees, trees, moose tracks in the snow, trees, trees, reindeer droppings, trees, trees, frozen river with lights from a cabin twinkling in the distance and then some more trees. We think that it is safe to say that this is about as deep into nature as you can get without leaving Europe.
  •  Sweden is well known for being one of the gay friendliest nations on the planet with equal rights, same gender marriage with adoption being just facts of life these days. This friendliness extends well beyond the borders of the big cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to the south. Even up in Swedish Lapland, checking into a hotel as a gay couple won't raise any eyebrows in the slightest.
  • Coffee/tea facilities in the rooms were appreciated because, let's face it, no matter how much we love nature... we love it a lot more after some morning caffeine.
  • When we were children, "getting closer to nature" meant fighting with siblings on long car rides, sleeping on the ground in a wet tent and eating mom's scrambled eggs made over a camp fire. Now you can do it in style at the Tree Hotel... sleeping in a comfortable bed, high up in a tree in a specially designed cabin, after a day of snowmobiling or kayaking, a home cooked dinner and a walk under the northern lights or midnight sun.

  • The Tree Hotel is made up of 6 individually designed rooms (with more planned), each built between 4 and 6 metres up in the trees, as well as Britta's Guesthouse - where you will find the reception, breakfast room, gift shop and restaurant. The guesthouse itself has 8 rooms and a separate apartment which is reached from the Tree Hotel via a 200 metre forest trail (well lit at night). The Tree Hotel rooms are all located on a forested hillside about a five minute walk from the road and Britta's Guesthouse (reception/restaurant).
  • Tree Sauna with sauna, hot tub and showers. For use either privately or as a relax package (with drinks and snacks).
  • The restaurant in the Guesthouse is where the breakfast buffet is served every morning (included in the price). A three course, home cooked dinner is served here as well (at an additional charge). The kitchen makes great use of the local produce! You are always welcome to stop by during the day and help yourself to a Swedish fika ("fika" = coffee/tea with cakes or cookies). Another option is "dining on the ice" where dinner is served in a heated Sami tepee on the frozen Luleå River.
  • Rental of cross country skis, snowshoes, kick sleds and thermal clothes are available if you want to explore on your own.
  • There are a wide range of activities offered through the hotel. Ice fishing, dog sledding, snowmobile tours, snowshoe walks, horseback riding, horse drawn sleds, evening fishing adventures, river kayaking, wildlife safaris, visiting a Sami family or how about rolling up your sleeves and building your own igloo?



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