We aim to bring you a selection of related partners and service providers who share our belief in inclusivity and fairness to all and whose business makes your travel easier or more cost effective.


5% discount on your travel insurance

Emerald Life is an award-winning insurance provider closing the gap between real people and insurance, providing insurance that reflects the diversity of today.

Their travel policies start from £9.50 and offer:

  • Cover for 1,000s of medical conditions including HIV, HepB and HepC
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
  • Consular assistance on the ground and remote support should any problem arise OR if you’re detained, arrested or assaulted abroad because of your sexuality – a UK first
  • and loads more..

Click through and use the code FURTHER5 to receive your exclusive discount.

Discounted travel insurance

Tailor made world-wide travel

OutOfOffice.com is an inclusive travel provider which sits beautifully alongside Further Afield for when you need help planning a trip,

With shared beliefs in welcome and fairness to every traveller the team there can help organise tailor made trips worldwide. They also offer access to great group trips where you’ll meet liked minded people.

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Car hire can be easy

At Further Afield we love anything that makes travel easy and in our experience using rental cars.com does just that.

They search and provide loads of options and were included in The Independent’s Top 50 travel sites (June 2017) .

As ever with car rental, make sure you fully check your insurance options.

Hire a Car

Iceland made easy

Sometimes you just need a bit of help organising your trip and Pink Iceland are the best people to help you get the most out of a trip to amazing Iceland.

They provide everything from walking tours to fully planned itineraries, whale watching to weddings. Their only caveat:

“We love all and serve all, as long they’re not mean. Just don’t be mean, life’s too short.”

Which makes them perfect Further Afield partners…

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Lesser known Spain

Toma & Coe offers amazing bespoke tours of “The Spain you didn’t know existed”. Designed to help you experience the real Andalucia, they offer a great range of day tours (including fab tapas tours) and extended tours across the region, all tailored to fit your needs.

The day tours are a perfect match if you’re staying in some of our Andalucian properties.

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