Further Afield was born out of the desire to create a collection of places to stay where every traveller was welcome regardless of their sexuality.

The collection has broadened over the years but at its root remains a commitment to providing the gay traveller with details on gay friendly hotels and accommodation, plus some other really useful stuff, like:

  • guides to gay friendly cities and other destinations
  • in our Wedding and celebrations collection are venues for gay weddings and other events which you can be assured will welcome you and your friends with the same warm welcome they show everyone
  • our blog has plenty of stories and posts about the experiences of other gay (and straight) travellers, giving you an extra insight into the places they have visited

So, wherever you decide to travel to with Further Afield you can be sure of a truly inclusive welcome – all you need to worry about is how to get there and what to pack!

From the blog

Some advice for gay travellers to Morocco

As news spreads about Ray Cole from the UK and a Moroccan man being jailed for four months for homosexual acts in Marrakech, there are mounting cautions not to travel to Morocco because it is unsafe, especially for gay travellers.

After the gay marriage comes the honeymoon

Simon and Andrew

When I first met my partner, Andrew, I joked with friends that he was ‘husband’ material. Over 20 years he has proved me right but at the beginning I never imagined ever having the choice to get married in our own country.

Ten reasons to visit gay friendly Iceland

Iceland seems to have made it to everybody’s, and their mothers’, bucket list. And for good reason. Conveniently located between Europe and the US more and more people now stop by, rather than just fly over. But what’s the attraction?

Do you dream about moving to your favourite holiday destination?

Further Afield

We have all fallen in love with a holiday destination. Gawped in estate agent windows to see what we could afford if we cashed in, and talked endlessly about how we could make a new living away from the daily grind and commute. We talk to four gay and lesbian couples who made the leap.

Dine like Kings or Queens in the Loire Valley, France

chilled glass of wine

Now is a great time to think about travel to the Loire Valley because from late September to the end of October the grape harvest will be in full swing. In this guest blog, wine experts, Sue and Micaela, of the La Grande Maison gay friendly guest house share their Loire Valley highlights with us, and if you visit who knows you might even get the chance to pick up a pair of secateurs and join in with the ‘vendange’.

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