How to Pack – 10 Top Wrinkles

An expert traveller’s guide to packing Travel expert Kate Simon gives us her Top 10 travel packing tips for any trip: Do you fold or roll? It’s the question I’m always asked when people find out that I’m co-author of Lonely Planet’s How to Pack for Any Trip. Frankly, I do both – wondering as I haphazardly roll and fold ….


A Pampla

A PAMPLA in Galicia, north west Spain is a magical, 200 year-old house overlooking a valley on to the Deva and Mino rivers. Owners, Magdalena and Javi have lovingly restored the house and now continue the work of Magdalena’s grandparents, tending to the vineyards and selling the delicious wine they produce through their bodega TORGO. They also run Spanish, Portuguese and ….

Stockholm: A Further Afield guide


Think Scandi chic and the chances are you’ll think of Sweden and Stockholm as being at the heart of this scene. They are. But there’s so much more that makes Stockholm such a special, and above all else, easy place to visit. Here’s a quick guide to the city, and some top tips from members of the Further Afield family.