Reactions to COVID-19 from Further Afield partners

As 2020 continues on its strange and complicated path and individual countries assess their ongoing travel restrictions the reaction to COVID-19 amongst the Further Afield partners is a different and as unique as they are. Some of our partners have chosen not to open for the remainder of 2020 as they assess how best to react to the crisis, others ….

Spotlight on Andalucia: Eight provinces and Nine wonderful places to stay

The vast country of Spain is divided into 17 self governing regions which in turn have individual provinces. Andalucia, right at the bottom of the country abutting the oceans and with Morocco closer than Madrid is the countries biggest region and one that’s full of history, culture, natural beauty and a diverse population. Its eight provinces are highly individual and ….

Five houses in the UK perfect for a group getaway

Bringing together a group of friends or family is one of life’s simple pleasures. Well not always that simple: checking calendars, requirements and finding the right place to stay. But in May 2020 the get together seems more of a day dream than anything else, but as lock down recedes “pod travel” is on the horizon; travelling in a self ….

Meet the travellers – Memories of Positano

Whilst travel is taking a sojourn of its own right now, it doesn’t mean that we’re not all thinking about it, daydreaming about it or remembering our favourite ones. I asked a few travellers to share their memories of their Further Afield travels and the first of this series is from John and his memories from a stay in Richard’s ….

Meet the owners – Villa de Mazamet

Imagine uprooting your life, heading around the globe to take on a business in a new country but also in the middle of a global pandemic. That’s what the intrepid and incredibly charming Geoffrey and Janice did when they moved to Mazamet to take over long term Further Afield partner Villa de Mazamet. In this blog we meet this inspiring ….

Five architectural gems you can stay in

We’ve chosen five stylish and individual places to stay from the Further Afield collection, each of which has a strong architectural influence defining its space. From ultra modern apartments to classically beautiful formal houses, all of them are infinitely welcome and reassuringly stylish. LOFT 2A, Nardo,  Puglia The ancient and historic centre of Nardò is an intoxicating taste of the ….

Five unique retreats

“To Retreat – withdraw to a quiet or secluded place”. We love that idea and we’ve picked five from the Further Afield collection, perfect for when you need a little space to yourself. The Studio, Ballyshane Retreats, Cork At the end of a long drive through wild meadows, perched at the cliffs edge is this unique styled modern hideaway for ….

Meet the owners – NardòSalento Boutique Apartments

Right down south, the heel of Italy’s boot, is Puglia. A more rugged and “real” part of Italy, it’s a region full of wonderful cities like Lecce, Ostuni and Gallipoli, stunning coastline and historic and picturesque towns. One of those is little known Further Afield favourite, Nardò. Spearheading the discovery of this corner of Puglia was Vincent who we met to ….