Cottagecore: the 2021 craze and cottages to try it out

In the midst of winter, during the strangest of times, you might have found yourself ready to hunker down. To wrap a blanket around you, light some candles and huddle in front of a fire. Or maybe you’ve turned to home baking as a way of getting through challenging days? Experimenting with sourdough or foraging for fruits on your daily walk (thank goodness for the daily walk… ). Maybe you’re pulling out Grandma’s tea service from the back of the cupboard.

Well if you have then you have unwittingly been part of the “Cottagecore” trend and Further Afield has some brilliant places to stay where you can indulge your inner Cottagcore…

What exactly is Cottagecore?

Driven in part by online platforms it is a trend that seems completely pertinent to the ravages of a period of time spent in lock down. Turning back to nature, to simpler things, to activities which you can do on your own but which give you a sense of achievement – like knitting or doing a puzzle – to things which offer comfort.

From a design perspective there are no hard and fast rules around Cottagecore. Jamie Boys, whose Instagram feed represents all things Cottagecore, says:

“Cottage living isn’t necessarily about a certain look,” Boys says. “It’s more about creating an environment that people feel welcomed and at home in. Things should be simple and inviting.”

Perhaps that simplicity is at the heart of the this trend? Things which you make or renew aren’t costing the earth in terms of your budget or the environment, two things at the forefront as we move forward as the impact of COVID times leave their mark.

There are definite parallels between Cottagecore and the more established aesthetic of Hygge, the Danish lifestyle trend which swept the world a few years ago. That sense of retreating slightly from a technological worls, but also embracing a more natural and calm one.

Where can I indulge myself in a bit of Cottagecore?

Dyer’s Cottage, Halifax

An historic cottage in the same family for 300 years, there’s an open fire in the super cozy sitting room, traditional features and furnishings everywhere and a sense of calm and retreat.

Find out more about Dyer’s Cottage

Little Harp Cottage, Powys

A minimalist version of a cottagecore environment, but one no less full of character, charm and a feeling of comfort.

Find out more about Little Harp Cottage

Hop Pickers’ House, Worcestershire

A cozy cottage for two surrounded by beautiful gardens and meadows in the an idyllic rural spot.

Find out more about Hop Pickers’ House

Old Forge York, York

Two cottages, one for two and the other for five, surrounded by stunning gardens and hosted with a love of nature and a return to simplicity.

Find out more about Old Forge York

Manor Cottage, Liskeard, Cornwall

This super traditional cottage for five on a family estate has everything ticked off. Comfy, stylish, spacious, relaxed and with access to events and wellness activities designed to soothe the body and mind.

Find out more about Manor Cottage

Further reading

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