Further Afield is a collection of places to stay that share a belief in the importance of inclusivity, of welcoming all guests without judgement and to catering to their needs wherever possible. Today’s society still harbours pockets of prejudice and ours is a collection dedicated to ensuring our travellers can be assured of a warm welcome wherever they choose to stay.

Inclusion is not about ticking boxes

While we have some clear criteria for quality and service, more important to us is the personality and spirit of the place and the inclusivity of the welcome given to guests.  Many of our member properties come to our attention through having been visited by the Further Afield team, by trusted members of the collection, close friends or Further Afield travellers.

While some of our properties are gay owned, no property is exclusively for gay travellers – they welcome everyone and this, we believe, is part of their appeal.  A place to stay which is friendly and non-judgemental; a place to unwind and relax without fear of prejudice.

Why should you consider becoming a member of Further Afield?

Becoming a member of the Further Afield collection means:

  • Being part of a carefully crafted collection of quality places to stay that share the same beliefs of inclusivity and welcome to all travellers
  • Exposure through the collection to a niche and highly selective audience of travellers
  • Paying no commission on bookings received from Further Afield travellers
  • The opportunity to share news and offers through community channels, including Facebook, Instagram, blogs and regular newsletters

Annual fees

Only when we believe a property has met our criteria for inclusion are they invited to join the portfolio. All properties listed on the site pay an annual fee which is tailored to the size of their property. We do not charge commission or any other hidden fee.

How to become a member

If you believe your property fits the bill then PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. We would love to hear from you.

Email: [email protected]  | Phone: +44 (0) 203 4882079