New York: A Further Afield guide to your first time




The subway, the cabs, the streets and the sidewalks are perpetually filled with people in a hurry, even outside of the infamous rush hour. The tempo of the city will baffle you, and you’ll be annoying to the locals unless you find a way to not be a bottleneck. Come hail or high water, have your metro card ready before you join the hustle and bustle.

Download A FEW NAVIGATION APPS to help you master the city streets, the public transport lines and the walkable areas to visit in between your bucket list must-sees. If you’re aiming for a less touristy stay such as THE NU HOTEL IN BROOKLYN, treat yourself to a brisk walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and straight into Manhattan instead of riding the subway – the walk will be a feast for your soul.


If you want to taste the true spirit of this vibrant city, there are certain spots you shouldn’t miss, even if you have to sacrifice your shopping spree for them. For example, try to avoid the GUGGENHEIM on Mondays or those “Pay What You Wish” Saturdays, and feel free to talk to the Gallery Guides if you’d like to learn more about the exhibitions.

The Central Park alone is almost 800 acres of pure magic – from the Strawberry Fields, the Bethesda Terrace, and the enchanting Ramble of streams and trees. An unplanned visit means you’ll likely miss on many of these spots, unless you brush up on your NYC KNOWLEDGE. Wander around the districts of SoHo, Chinatown and Greenwich Village, where you absolutely must see the street perhaps only locals could point you to – GAY STREET.


Want to feel like a true New Yorker? Eons away from the crowds but tantalizingly close to Katz’s Diner (the Harry and Sally fans will know), SANCTUARY STANTON SUITES is a Lower East Side oasis with easy access to charming  bars and restaurants, where you’ll feel like a local within a matter of hours. Hop over to THE NEW MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART on Bower for the taste of the surreal and open-minded, and wrap your day with a jazzy session at RUE B with a signature cocktail.

The Flatiron district’s for FURTHER AFIELD’S MAVE HOTEL is equally alluring, where you’ll be immersed in true NY vibe of the Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and Union Square just a few minutes of walking away. This is the birthplace of the city’s worldly reputation, and where all things New York flourish. Visit the Madison Square Park and grab a bite at the famous SHAKE SHACK, or get a culture buzz at THE THEODORE ROOSEVELT BIRTHPLACE.


It’s not impossible to roam the city on your own, but it can get pretty hectic and stressful if you wish to rely on the kindness of strangers you meet in the streets.  They are constantly busy, and they know where they’re going, while your conundrum of how to get to LINCOLN SQUARE from Tribeca will likely remain unanswered before you even finish your question. Hint: take the subway line 2.

For first-time tourists, it’s wise to consider HIRING DMC NEW YORK SERVICES to ensure a well-planned, guided tour of your desired locations, and access to the latest events that might be to your taste, but well-hidden from the eyes of your average tourist. Whether you choose to take professional advice or have a local friend to guide you – having a partner in crime will help you stay in the loop of the hottest happenings in town and discover some of the city’s best kept secrets.


Yes, it’s a pricey city, this friendly giant, but if you plan your budget and learn about THE OFFERED ATTRACTION PASSES, you might just save up and still get the most bang for your buck. From all-inclusive options that give you a flat fee and include a staggering number of cultural institutions, events, and sightseeing spectacles that will completely fill your planner, to THOSE FAMOUS NEW YORK PASSES that give you fast entry and skip-the-line options as well.

From the moment you choose your attractions, check if they offer free entry days or happy hour, whether you can get a discount, and keep an eye out for freebies such as THE DOWNTOWN BOATHOUSE with free kayaking sessions. And while you’ll definitely need a bus or metro pass if you stay for longer, use

And really, just remember to have fun!

Originally from Australia, Peter Minkoff has written for a number of travel publications and blogs and likes nothing than getting more stamps in his passport.


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