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Further Afield is a growing portfolio of hand–picked gay friendly hotels and accommodation.

Our aim is to create a collection of gay friendly boutique hotels, gay friendly B&B’s and gay friendly holiday homes. Carefully selected for quality, personality and a genuine welcome for everyone – gay, lesbian and straight. We or our associates visit or stay in each property or they have come to our attention through colleagues whose judgment we trust.

Inclusion is not about ticking boxes.

While we have some clear criteria for quality and service, more important to us is the personality and spirit of the place and of course the welcome given to guests. Even in these enlightened times three out of four gay travellers worry about the welcome that they will receive at their holiday accommodation (Out Now Consulting 2009).  So we are looking for owners and staff who are mindful and understanding of the fact that gay travellers maybe concerned about the welcome they will receive.

While many of our properties are gay owned, no property is exclusively for gay travellers - they welcome everyone and this, we believe, is their appeal. A place to stay which is friendly and non-judgemental; a place to unwind and relax without fear of prejudice.

Annual Fees

Only when we believe a property has met these criteria are they invited to join the portfolio. All properties listed on the site pay an annual fee which is tailored to the size of their property. We do not charge commission or any other hidden fee.

Contact Us

If you believe your property fits the bill then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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